Thursday, January 11, 2007

Introducing the Kidlets (well, sort of)

I would like to take this time to introduce my children because they will undoubtedly make many "appearances" in this blog. To protect their animosity..uh, um...I mean anonymity (they are actually quite sweet and loving) I have asked them each to come up with a "blogname" which I will use in place of their real names whenever I write about them here. Disclaimer: Please remember...with the exception of the baby, my children came up with these names themselves. My sanity can not and should not, in any way, be held in question with regard to said "blognames." Upon acceptance of these terms you may continue to read this weblog.

Meet T-rex:
11 year old T-rex is my oldest child. He is fun-loving and studious. He loves to "rough it" with the neighborhood boys and can just as easily find himself lost in a good book. He is easy to teach, self-motivated, and kind. He needs little more than a quite corner and an interesting read to soak in knowledge of all sorts. He is a great big brother always willing to play with, and watch out for, his younger siblings!

Meet Seashell:
Whimsical and artistic, seashell is my 6 year old daughter. She is bright, eager to learn, and talkative. She'd just as soon doodle and paint as go outside and play. She is an active learner, who will sit still, if told, but can learn just as easily (if not better) while twirling around me as I recite some lesson in a silly sing-songy voice. She is a cautious child who adores her baby brother and also has fun with the other children.

Meet Butterfly:
Butterfly is 4 years old until her birthday next month. She is a daring and charismatic child who loves to play outdoors and has little patience for the repetitive and mundane. She would far rather use every shade in the crayon box to color a horse than to make it like it's "supposed" to be. She loves learning and is quick to jump ahead and demonstrate a knowledge of information she has picked up herself. She is imaginative and likes to lead during play.

Meet Li'l Bear:
My youngest child, Li'l Bear, just turned 1 year old in November and is anxious to explore the world around him. So far, his personality is strong, yet pleasant. He knows what he wants and goes after it with great determination. He enjoys his older three siblings and would much rather be down playing with them than snuggling in my lap...until he grows sleepy. He keeps all of us quite busy. An excellent addition to our family!

I look forward to sharing bits and pieces of my family journey within the posts on this blog. What an exciting adventure!



Tasha said...

The kidlets...too cute!
I like their descriptions. hey... what happend to your picture?

MelR said...

Oh girl, I am sooo glad you started a blog. I read a couple of the posts...too cute! I know you enjoy writing and you are good at it! Have fun! I rarely update my blog...oops! One of these days! Yep along with quilting and scrapbooking...not to mention turning my back acre into a wonderland of flowers, ponds, herbs, butterflies, etc. hee hee
Love ya! Melissa

Vanessa said...

Hey Tonya,

This is too cute. I am going to enjoy reading this!