Monday, January 15, 2007

Good Eats!

A big "THANK YOU" to my sister, Tasha (see photo), for recording and mailing me a video containing four episodes of Good Eats. Unconventional learning is always on the menu/lesson plan.

My oldest three children and I were fully captivated through three back-to-back episodes as we learned of many things including the function of yeast, milling grains, the role of the nose in tasting, the purpose of curing and smoking meats and, my personal favorite bit of info, the origin of fatback! (I have never used fatback but have wondered aloud, on more than one occasion, what in the world it is.) My husband even came out and joined us for the third episode. We had fun---the best kind of learning!

We will likely watch the fourth episode today and anxiously await our next installments. Thanks Tasha...whenever I think of fatback I'll think of you!



Tasha said...

oh goodness. Fatback, really? lol... Naw, seriously, I'm glad you all enjoyed the shows!

Anonymous said...

Hey Tonya,

You forgot to add neice of nine. You have ahost of relatives. It's nice to see this. Now even though we are far apart, I can check in on you now and again.

Happy New Year!