Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Birthday, Valentine!!!

Today is a very special day. For us it's not only a day to celebrate the gift of love, but it is also the anniversary of the day we welcomed our third child into this world, five short years ago.

Yes...Butterfly has turned 5!

And, what a fun-filled five years it has been. Gone is the pudgy, baby face and here to stay is the humorous, fun-loving, intelligent, and all-around delightful child.

It's amazing how each new child born into a family bends and molds it into a previously unknown configuration. Each special character trait brightens our home even as it changes our home. There's just no going back...and we wouldn't want to if we could.

We have been permanently altered, in beautiful ways, by our sweet Butterfly, and this is the day we get to stop and think about that fact.

We'll watch her prance around in delight as she shows off her gifts. She'll bubble over with joy as I bake her birthday cake. She'll repeat her new age to anyone who will listen. We will see her eyes light up as grandparents show up with even more gifts...

And all the while I'll be thinking,

"Butterfly, you're my favorite Valentine's gift."

With all my love,

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