Tuesday, February 6, 2007

It's Raining, It's Pouring...

Sooo... who was that who said, "When it rains, it pours." ...Huh?

I wouldn't necessarily always agree with that statement, but lately it has been a little hard to refute. As I am typing this entry Ron is scouring the local Home Depot for a product known as Liquid Nails, or something like that. This is after our well meaning children (who were moving furniture in order to vacuum the living room) pushed the playpen across the threshold into the breakfast nook and inadvertently ripped the divider thingy from the floor. You know, the part that divides the carpet from the laminate wood floor. Yeah, that thingy. Tonight we shall have the unmerited pleasure of trying to glue it back down. Yes... we... who have NO idea how to do this type of thing.

Oh, but don't feel sorry for us yet. It's far too early for that. I've only just begun. So get comfy...

If you are a faithful reader of Tonya's Two Cents you are already aware that Ron was recently RIFed. (see "Here We Grow Again" for details) If you are new to my blog then... Welcome!!! But I have to warn you-You've come at a bad time.

Anyway, as if the sudden income halt weren't enough, two weekends ago we suffered a pipe break in our front yard. The City was good enough to come out to inspect the problem and to inform us that it was indeed our problem and not theirs. Plus, they were kind enough to leave us a little note to say that they hoped this would not inconvenience us. Of course not! We are not fickle enough to consider a wee little pipe break an inconvenience when we are unemployed. What kind of people do they think we are?

We do have a home warranty on our house and they did send out a plumber. But apparently our warranty only covers the plumbing that is over the actual foundation of the house, not in the yard.

I trust that they also hoped that this wouldn't be an inconvenience.

Well, we hired a plumber and, after four days without running water, he fixed our pipe and we re-entered the 21st Century. It's good to be back! I'd write a little about life with four children and a dog, minus running water, but I haven't reached that point in my recovery yet. I'm sure you understand.

Money spent!

No job.

After my husband lost his job I scheduled last minute dental appointments for Ron and myself (because our health insurance would end at the end of January and we hadn't been in a while. The kiddos were current on their check-ups already.) To my horror and amazement I had several uh...um... needs for tooth fortification, and Ron had two. $$$ Can you say, "cha-ching"? $$$

More money spent.

Still no job.

All was well in our home after that... until Sunday morning. Upon waking we found that our little Jack Russel Terrier looked more like a bulldog than any terrier of any type. The right half of his face was very swollen! I thought someone must have thrown something at him while he was out back. I was horrified!

Then, several hours later, after church, lunch, and a family trip to the library, we came home to a dog whose whole face and neck were swollen---like a balloon! I tossed out my "despicable neighbor" theory and adopted a "severe allergy" theory in its place, pulled out the Yellow Pages and began my quest to spend more money, yet.

I found a vet open on Sundays and rushed out with my dog in one hand and my check card in the other. I was right. Severe allergy. The doc wanted to give him two shots. One anti-inflammatory and one antihistamine. I met him in the middle. I agreed to the first, and gave Samson Benedryl at home, by mouth. (Was that ever fun!) I'd found a coupon for that particular vet in the phonebook and altogether I saved my dog's life for about $60.00.

I suppose I shouldn't complain. I would've spent more on a new dog and I would've had sad, crying children to comfort. ALRIGHT! I would have been sad too, if you must know.

More money spent.

That was two days ago.

As I'm finishing up this lovely, little post... Ron just got home with the supplies needed to fix the floor. Apparently we needed more than we thought. The friendly flooring guy at Home Depot showed him what to do... all for the bargain price of $60-something dollars. More money spent. Oh well.

I guess this is the part where I write about the up-side of all of this. hmm... I'm a little hard-pressed on that one. Let me see here...

Well, we've been able to do what we've needed to do and we are happy and together. That counts for a lot, right? Of course it does!

Also, the job search seems to be going well. There have been some offers, just not "feed a family of six" type offers, but I am encouraged. I feel that the right offer is just around the corner. He is certainly being diligent about getting his resume' out there.

Ron is also stretching his business muscles. He is self-employed but since he had been at a full-time job had more-or-less taken a break from that. Well now he's back, and he's good at what he does! I know we'll be seeing some impressive income from that avenue as well. He is a marketing consultant... just in case you were about to look for one when you finished reading my blog.

It's only a matter of time! God is good and He hasn't forgotten about us! He will see us through.

Thanks, dear reader, for letting me vent. I am very much relieved. You should charge for this type of therapy.

Now for a bit of carpentry! Wish us luck!

Signing out,


Tasha said...

Kudos!! You are an inspiration, my dear sister. Confucius say: "Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall."

Tasha said...

hey... what happened to the other 2 comments? ;)