Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A Spider's Tale

Yesterday I gave my 13-year-old son, T-Rex, a writing assignment. He was to write a story about the adventure of a spider. The resulting tale amused me this morning as I read it and I've instructed him to share it with you here. With no further ado: A Spider's Tale, by T-Rex!

We'd been sitting there for the last hour-and-a-half, watching and waiting. My troops were growing restless. That annoying drainage tube had foiled our plans once again. Well, I'd better start from the beginning.

I am a white spotted, black spider and I used to live in a village just above a gutter on Lynn Blvd. During my childhood I'd learned the ins and outs of gutter travel. I'd recently left home to join the Arachnial Guard at the prime age of 12 days. My regiment was sent to camp right below the spout of an especially troublesome gutter. Our primary objective was to scale the inside and reach the top. What we would find, or why we would attempt this nearly impossible trip, I'm unsure. But orders are orders.

Finally the rain had stopped. The camp was rushing about, as usual. The final preparations were being made. As not sure to when the rain would start again after it stopped, we had to be ready to move at a moment's notice. The camp was now silent, again, watching and waiting. Then the water stopped.

Immediately, group after group shot up the spout. Being an itsy, bitsy spider,one wasted no time, for the journey was long.

Past the three quarter check mark, we heard a faint rumble. Where I stood there was a pin-prick hole in the spout. With my far left eye I noticed a dark shape rolling in from the sky. With the hair on each of my eight legs, I sensed a sudden increase of humidity. Then a brief light filled the sky. But what caught my attention most was a single drop of rain, slowly falling to the ground in a tidal wave. All who didn't want to risk a high speed, watery descent, with a back-breaking halt as they hit the ground, then darted back down the spout.

I got out just before the raging river of water shot past me. Humiliated and cold,I stared defiantly at the top of the huge spout. "One day," I thought, waving three angry fists in the air, "we will find a way, have no doubt." We took our usual places, and once more, we watched and waited.

Three cheers for the literary stylings of T-Rex! I love it.

...and that's my $0.02!


Anonymous said...

Give your son a *high five* for a great story! (I hope he got an "A") :-D @Sherri_in_Tulsa

Tasha said...

that's so cute! I love it all! Especially the waving of the 3 fists in the air...