Wednesday, October 15, 2008

7 Things You Don't Know About Me

I've been tagged by my Twitter-girlfriend at Journey 2 Learn to write this post. I will do it, but I warn you, the squeamish should look away now!

No! There's nothing coarse or indelicate written here. I only mean, if you tend envision me with a luminous halo floating just slightly above my head, I'd rather keep it that way. ;-)

Just remember... people grow up, people change...

I'll list my little tidbits in the order of what (I think) you'll find least exciting to, most uhh... interesting. Tidbits #2, 3, 5, 6, & 7 are from an article I first posted here on January 20, 2007.

  1. I am currently taking Spanish 101 online at a site called Livemocha ( ). It is top-rate and it is free! I highly recommend the site for anyone (13 years old+) learning, or wanting to learn, a new language.

  2. I once attempted to water ski on a beautiful lake nestled in the mountains of Zell Am See, Austria. Let's just was the first AND last time I attempted to water ski. In the end I settled for a trip behind the boat in a big inner tube.

  3. During my senior year of high school I was the JROTC Battalion Commander of three cross-enrolled schools. As a freshman, JROTC Private I set a goal of becoming Battalion Commander by my senior year and, although I went to four different high schools (I was a military brat), I succeeded! I had so much fun. During my Junior year I was the Drill Team Commander and I LOVED that, too. I loved to compete. I learned so much about myself through those experiences. I wouldn't trade them at all.

  4. I accepted Ron's proposal of marriage after knowing of his existence a mere 3 months. I married him 5 months after that!

    (Here's where things take a turn for the worse... You can still turn away and leave my reputation untarnished!)

  5. My fifth, and more embarrassing, previously unknown bit of information.... In Junior High School I was madly, head-over-heals, out of my mind in love with Michael Jackson.

    Stop laughing!

  6. During my Freshman year at the University of Tulsa I was invited by the Student Association president (a senior) to be his date for the university's formal Centennial Celebration. It was taking place at the Adam's Mark hotel in downtown Tulsa and would be attended by distinguished alumni, faculty, and guests. We were the only two students invited. I decided to have a martini from the open bar and, because I was only eighteen, my date instructed me to say I was a senior if anyone inquired.

    As it turned out, my place card had me seated directly next to (then) Oklahoma Congressman Steve Largent, who had attended TU, with my date on my opposite side. It wasn't long into the meal before the pleasant Congressman was striking up a conversation with of the first questions being, "So, Tonya, what year are you in?" I fibbed, as instructed, only to find out that the dear Congressman had majored in the same subject as me. He launched into talk of courses and professors of which I'd barely heard mention.

    I was sooo very stuck.

    With the help of friendly interruptions by my, very nervous, date we stumbled through until, at last, the subject was changed. To this day I wonder if we really pulled that off or if our Congressman was just gracious enough to let us slide on by.

    Phew...was I glad when that was over!

  7. ...and lastly... I am a fugitive from justice. Really... but let me explain.

    It was my junior year at Frankfurt American High School in Frankfurt, Germany. My friend Anna and I had stayed after school and somehow missed the ASA (after-school-activity) bus. This was a problem because we lived in Darmstadt which was about 45 minutes to an hour from Frankfurt. It was already dark and we had to get home.

    Anna had a plan. I followed it...and it was downhill from there.

    She said we should take the Bahnhof (the major train system in Germany) and, since we had no money for fair, we should hide in the bathroom when the ticket taker came around. She said she had done it before, though she probably hadn't really, and I saw no alternative so I agreed.

    It didn't work.

    The ticket taker waited patiently for, what he must have assumed was, one passenger to come out of the bathroom. When his waiting failed to work he began banging on the door and demanding it be opened. Just before entering the restroom Anna had handed me a wrench (I DO NOT know why she had a wrench, but she did), and she had grabbed one of those devices intended for breaking a window in case of emergency for herself. She said that if we were caught we would stay in the bathroom until the train stopped, open the door, threaten the ticket taker with our weapons, and make a break for it.Well, we were caught.

    Since I hadn't had the good sense to do it earlier, this was definitely the point where I should have said, "Anna, you are crazy!", laid down my weapon, and accepted defeat.

    But I didn't.

    I followed through with the lunatic scheme. The shocked ticket taker backed out of the way of our upheld weapons and called for the Polezie (police) as we made our break. Luckily for him (unluckily for us) there were two patrolling the Bahnhof station very near our chosen exit and we were quickly apprehended, unarmed, cuffed, and nearly dragged to the polezie station. A couple more polezie showed up to lend a hand. The two uh...gentlemen escorting me were not gentle at all. I could barely walk for the way they held my arms.

    Long story, short: My Mother was called, I was fined by the Bahnhof, scheduled to appear in court for my actions, and released into my Mother's somewhat hostile custody.

    I had no money for my fine, but my good friend Vanessa cashed in a savings bond and loaned me the money, which I later paid back. Thanks again, Vanessa.

    It wasn't long before I left Germany to stay with an Aunt and Uncle in Oklahoma because I was having too much trouble at home with my Mother. I can't imagine why...seeing how good I was, and all.

    My departure came before my court date and I never looked back. Let's just say I'm glad I was a minor! (But still...Don't get married in Germany 'cause I'm not coming if you do.)

So there you have it. Seven things you would've probably never guessed about me in a million, trillion years. If you are still courageous enough to admit to knowing, or being related to, me...please comment and include seven things I'd never guess about you. Since you now know me so well I'd like to get better acquainted with you too. Come on! It'll be fun!

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Jesse said...

To funny! We'll see what I come up with. Not nearly as interesting as yours I can just bet ya!

Lana said...

Hi Tonya,

I read and explored your link on livemocha; it looks like a great site to learn a new language. I'm currently homeschooling my high school daughter and I think she would really like this site. She told me some of her friends are using other sites like myngle and edufire but I haven't heard and seen as much from those you know anything about them and is livemocha the best option available? Thanks for any advice you can lend.

Anonymous said...

I loved it! TOO funny! I could imagine the whole bathroom train escape thing in my mind. Oh Tonya, soooo much I still don't know about you. m

Anonymous said...

That was so funny. What about the guy at Singles group that brought you a big beautiful bouquet of somewhat dead flowers! HA!!!

Miss you my friend!!

Love Kristina

Anonymous said...

And, as your younger sister - how was I supposed to grow up normal? With such as an example? I will forward my therapy bills! ;)

j/k... you crack me up. Experiences like these are what make you my absolute favorite sister.

Tonya! said...

Wow, Tasha! What a coincidence! I'm your FAVORITE sister AND your ONLY sister! Things like that don't just happen. It's gotta be like paranormal or something! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Hey Tonya,

That was funny! Although, I knew all those things about you already and see, I'm still your friend! :)


Anonymous said...

I laughed so hard I almost cried! You are absolutely a one of a kind! And please stay that way =o) MB

Tonya! said...

I'm sorry... I have not researched other options and I do not know anything about the origin or owners of Livemocha. In fact, I think you know more than me on this topic because, sadly, I've not even heard of myngle or edufire. I am having a lot of fun on Livemocha, though! It's a fun (and effective)way to learn. I enjoy helping the foreigners learn English as much as I enjoy and appreciate the help they give me. It's an awesome concept, really.

So far, all of the people I've chosen, and accepted, as friends have been friendly, helpful, and serious about learning English.

I've had just a couple of strange "friend requests" where the person was just wanting to "chat" in general or wanted me to sign up for another site so we could IM each other. I just ignored those requests and deleted the mssgs.

My 13yo son is also using the site to learn Spanish. I set up his acct WITHOUT the chat option and his mssgs are sent to my email address so I can preview them first. So far no one has attempted to contact him with anything other than helpful critiques of his course-work.

Hope that helps a little. Sorry I don't know more.

Be blessed!

Anonymous said...

So love your list! I also married very quickly after I met my husband...knew him only about 3 months (we eloped) and then had the 'official' wedding our parents know about! Great to get to know you better!!

Anonymous said...


You are a blogger! How fun. :-) It was cool learning some 'little knowns' about you in this post. I was sent the same tag by another gal last week and I was stumped. Now I am inspired.

Oh, I added your blog to my feed reader. I will be coming back to read more. :-)

- @ngie - my blogophere name
(a.k.a. Angie Washington)
hee hee hee

Cindy Downes said...

You have had an exciting life! My is dull compared to that. Raised on a farm, strict upbringing, married 38 years to the same man. The most trouble I got into was chasing guys at all the fraternities in college (60's and 70's). Just boring.