Saturday, April 21, 2007

Happy Birthday, Seashell!

Just over a week ago, on the 13th of April, little Seashell celebrated her 7th birthday. Oh, how time flies. I didn't take the time to stop in here to post on the actual day, but better late than never...right? It was a fun day, too. Presents, cake, cards, eating out... she had a blast.

Just today I had the pleasure of taking her shopping...just us two girls. Her Granny gave her money for her birthday and we went out to spend it on her together. As we walked into the department store, hand-in-hand, I was struck by the thought that I was rather enjoying being out shopping with her. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy being with my children, but this was a new kind of enjoyment. This was a "I'm hanging with my girl" kind of enjoyment... a teeny peek into the future.

She knew what she was after. Seashell wanted a pair of dressy sandals, a casual "wear anyday" dress, and toys. So we set out on our hunt...and we shopped! We hit three stores and, in the end, she got everything she had listed and had less than $1.00 in change. We did it, almost to the penny! Yep, me and my girl.

Yetserday evening Ron and I went to the opera the see Porgy and Bess. I only bring that up because while I was getting ready in the afternoon Seashell and Butterfly pleaded for me to paint their finger and toe nails with the same light lavender polish I used on mine (my dress had lavender flowers). So I did.

I'd never done that before and I found it to be fun. And, of course, once they had painted nails the became quite the ladies! Prancing and giggling and picking up things oh so gently so as not to smudge their polish.

My girls are growing up and I am looking forward to what lies ahead. I'm so thankful for my front-row seat to their lives. What a blessing!

Happy Birthday, Seashell. I love you.



Tasha said...

There you go again... getting all mushy... I LOVE IT!! I'm glad she had a good birthday and got to spend some one-on-one time with mom. I'm sure she felt really special, and that will be a memory she'll keep forever. How WAS Porgy & Bess anyway...?

Anonymous said...

I think being introspective is a sign of aging (one called 'wisdom' in the bible). Yeap, one on one time with your girls IS really nice.

Love you, Mom